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Article: Local Information for Employers

Local Guide to Employment for Employers

Table of Contents
  1. Local Guide to Employment for Employers

Note: For more information regarding Employment for Employers, read the Guide to Employment for Employers and the FAQ: Employment for Employers

Assistive Technology
Finding Qualified Workers with Disabilities
Incentives for Training New and Current Employees

Assistive Technology

Hawai`i Assistive Technology Project
The Hawai`i Assistive Technology Project helps individuals find assistive technology. On their website you will find a referral system that provides information on assistive technology devices, local vendors, mainland vendors, local services, mainland services and other assistive technology resources.

Finding Qualified Workers with Disabilities

In Hawai`i there are many state and nonprofit resources where employers can find qualified workers with disabilities:

State of Hawai`i Department of Human Services
The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, a department within the State of Hawai`i Department of Human Services connects employers to individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment.

Hawai`i Centers for Independent Living (HCIL)
Among many other offerings, HCIL offers ADA Employment Training and related resources to employers.

Goodwill Industries of Hawai`i
Goodwill Industries of Hawai`i provides a free referral service for employers who are seeking qualified employees. On this site, employers may also advertise and recruit free of cost.

Winners at Work
Winners at Work is a nonprofit agency dedicated to training and finding competitive employment opportunities in the community for individuals with disabilities. Their job placement and retention program is of value to employers.

Hawai`i Workforce Informer
Hawai`i Workforce Informer maintains website content that helps employers find information about different industries, current wages for occupations and lists of training providers that offer programs in the skills they need for their employees.

This state site houses valuable Labor and Occupational Information for the state of Hawai`i.

NTAC-AAPIs Hire.Us Program
The hire.us program allows college students and recent graduates with disabilities the ability to market their skills to employers across the nation. This service is based in Hawai`i and is free of charge.

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Incentives for Training New and Current Employees

As an employer there are incentives available to you to provide further training for current employees or training for new employees. Different programs exist in Hawai`i to help employers and employees financially or in other ways.

Employment Training Fund (ETF), State of Hawai`i Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR)
The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations maintains an Employment Training Fund (ETF), which provides grants for industries where there are critical skill shortages. By using the latest technology and curriculum, employers are able to use these grants to train new or current employees.

Oahu WorkLinks
Oahu WorkLinks provides free services for job seekers at any of their seven Oahu locations. Their On-the-Job Training Program provides compensation to the employer for the employee's wages during the training period. This is provided to both non-profit and private sector employees.

WorkWise!, a One-Stop Employment Center based in Kauai, provides programs to subsidize on-the-job training for employees. On this site you can download a brochure that explains their training programs and incentives for employers.

One-Stop Employment Centers
One-Stop Employment Centers in the State of Hawai`i provide career information and employment training. Use this site to find the One-Stop center nearest you.

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